Leather Work

Leather repair and recolor, Leather cleaning and care, Leather protection

leather-work-car-seat(Our leather services can also be applied to non-automotive leathers such as bags, shoes, jackets, the list goes on, please contact us with your leather queries and we can advise you on treatments)

The majority of leather goods that are subject to constant use will develop some kind of imperfection over time. Rips, tears, discolouration, burns, cracking, stitching problems, staining and fade can all be treated or repaired, using state of the art products and techniques.

leather-work-car-armWorn leather with constant use starts to look aged very quickly. Re-colouring will not only replace pigment and breathe new life into old leather, but will also add strength to the affected area. The state of the art topcoats are designed to withstand regular use and can be cleaned as normal.

Most leather repair jobs are unique in their own way, with a variety of colours, stitching types, wear patterns and accidental damage, no repairs are the same. We would therefore, recommend that you contact us for advice on the best course of treatment for your leather and provide you with a no obligation quote.