Our Services

Rejuvenauto specialises in taking virtually any motorised vehicle and improving its condition, either in a specific area of that vehicle or as a whole. In most cases this will require a specialist process to be applied, or in extreme circumstances, replacement parts fitted as part of that process.

As the company turnover is currently under the legal threshold for compulsory VAT registration, we do not charge VAT on top of our prices. This is good news for domestic and non-registered commercial clients who cannot claim back this tax.

Leather repair & re-colour

Leather cleaning, repairs and re-colour can be carried out on all types of leather irrespective of its application.

Automotive or household, the processes and products used will produce the finished result expected by our clients. Our specialist in this field has undergone extensive training and has the ability to make recommendations on repair or replace.

Smart Repairs

Smart repairs can be suitable for a number of components on a motor vehicle.

From scratches and chips in paintwork to damaged trims and discoloured headlamps and plastics, smart repairs can make a big difference. Even small areas that benefit from custom painting and vinyl wrapping can play a big part in transforming a vehicles appearance or restoring it to its former glory.


All modes of transport utilise coverings as part of their build process and from time to time these will require repair or replacement.

These coverings can be leather, fabric, vinyl and or carpet. Most coverings can be repaired and or re-coloured or in extreme cases, replaced with similar or superior coverings. No matter what the issue, there will ALWAYS be a solution.

Wheels & suspension

Wheels and suspension play a major role in any mode of transport and the wheels in particular are subject to minor damage more easily and more often than any other part of the vehicle.

In association with Team Dynamics, we are able to offer replacement wheels for most cars and small vans. Should replacement not be an option, refurbishment may be the answer by way of repair and repaint or powder coating.

Suspension however, will either suffer from wear and tear or total failure. In any case the solution for our clients comes in the form of our partnership and association with Eibach. Many manufacturers already utilise Eibach springs and suspension products as OEM parts and therefore become an obvious choice when considering upgrades.